As a no.1 non woven fabric company in the Asia, We are starting an infinite challenge to create myths in world markets.
Nice to meet you. I am Young Sik Shin, the representative director of the Mirae fiber tec. Thank you very much for visiting our website.
We started our business to supply military with materials of beddings after founding a company in 1998. We could make the foundation firmly and be possible to continuous growth because of your support.
In based of your help, In 2001, 2004 we established a local subsidiary at Ho chi min and Hanoi, Vietnam. It is the first as a Korea company to get the Mirae listed on the Two stock market in Vietnam.
In 2006, we was awarded the prize a monument of 5 million dollars,  In 2007 it was valuable season for us to get the MIRAE FIBER JSC, 100% independent local subsidiary, listed on the Hanoi stock market in Vietnam as a first Korea company.
As well as, we got Ho Chi Minh MIRAE JSC listed on the Ho chi min stock market in 2008. As of result, we could be the first foreigner company to be listed on the two stock markets in Vietnam.
We are trying to supply EU, America and Asia markets with high quality products to make world warmer through latest production facilities which are the largest size in the Asia.
Until now, Mirae is composed to your support and our staffs. So we do not stay here and do our best to create myths of future in the world markets in based on the development of local subsidiaries in Vietnam.
Thank you
Young Sik Shin, CEO
Mirae Joint Stock Company
Head Office (South Vietnam Office & Factory)
T: +84 (274) 3791-038~9 / 3737 457       F: +84 (274) 3791-037

Hung Yen Branch (North Vietnam Factory)
T: +84 (221) 3974 170~171    F: +84 (221) 3974 172

Seoul Office (Korea Office)
T: +82 (2) 539-4300   F: +82 (2) 539-8719
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