Vital to our well-being, it is a sanctuary where we begin and each day. A bed - a place for drifting off the dark and awakening in the sunlight. Vivabon believes that beautiful high-quality bedding is the key to a good sleep, and you will find our essential collection of foundations for comfort.
Please choose the bedding that is right for you and your family.
Mirae Joint Stock Company
Head Office (South Vietnam Office & Factory)
T: +84 (274) 3791-038~9 / 3737 457       F: +84 (274) 3791-037

Hung Yen Branch (North Vietnam Factory)
T: +84 (221) 3974 170~171    F: +84 (221) 3974 172

Seoul Office (Korea Office)
T: +82 (2) 539-4300   F: +82 (2) 539-8719
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