Mirae JSC., Co, formerly known as Mirae Fiber VN Co., Ltd., was established on 15.11.2001, with investors being Mirae Fiber Tech Co., Ltd, Korea. The company was converted into a joint stock company from the date of 06.07.2007.

The company specializes in manufacturing and trading of the textile raw materials sector, with the main product groups are: Padding, Quilting, Beddings, Mattresses and Garment machinery. Since 2012, the company developed and field assembly business machinery and equipment manufacturing padding and mattress.


Undergone more than 10 years of development, the company's leadership team are those who understand, has long experience in the industry with machinery systems, synchronous technology lines, modern, leading edge, Mirae JSC.,Co has confirmed its leading position in the field of production and supply padding slabs for export garment industry in Vietnam market and is looking forward to this position on the market international arena.
Mirae Joint Stock Company
Head Office (South Vietnam Office & Factory)
T: +84 (274) 3791-038~9 / 3737 457       F: +84 (274) 3791-037

Hung Yen Branch (North Vietnam Factory)
T: +84 (221) 3974 170~171    F: +84 (221) 3974 172

Seoul Office (Korea Office)
T: +82 (2) 539-4300   F: +82 (2) 539-8719
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